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Hayley is a Financial Coach, Farmer and Mum of three amazing boys, who understands the financial rollercoaster that is farming.

She and her husband have taken their farming business from lack of scale, constantly hitting a financial ceiling and lack of growth to a thriving, growing business in just 3 years!




By changing their relationship with money, upgrading their financial blueprint and understanding how to create a life they desire through learning the art of manifestation. 


This has allowed them to go from constantly feeling like money has control of them, to them being in control of money! 

Hayley now mentors other farmers do the same through her 'Abundant Farmer' Program, where she shows them that it is absolutely possible to heal their relationship with money and financially transform their business, regardless of size or scale! 

Hayley is massive advocate for the power of the mind and believes mindset is the most under utilised asset in farming businesses..... the missing link that could potentially sky-rocket their results!