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I'm here to raise the wealth consciousness of farmers to bring more joy, freedom, purpose and generosity to business with my Abundant Farmer Program for Farm Business Owners

Meet Hayley Grosser

Money Mindset & Manifestion Coach


Hi I’m Hayley and I’m thrilled that you’re here…. 


I’m the Founder of Hayley Grosser Coaching and through our Abundant Farmer 1-on-1 coaching sessions, group coaching, and mentoring programs, I help people like you transform your relationship with money, build wealth in every area of your life, and support you to live a life filled with more abundance, freedom, purpose, and generosity. 


If you’re reading this wondering… is that really possible... 

Here’s how it all started for me… 

At 34, I knew something had to change for me… I was busy, exhausted, and unfulfilled. We were only just getting by financially! I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy, juggling two young boys and trying to build a farming business with my husband.  I was stuck in a rut mentally and emotionally and spending way too much time being busy instead of enjoying our boys and looking after myself. I became completely disheartened and I remember saying to myself ‘is this it? Is this how it’s going to be forever?’


I remember the day that everything changed! I was sitting in a room of farmers listening to a presentation on money mindset…. And it was something that the presenter said that stayed with me…… 'if it's going to be, it's up to me'…  


This one sentence changed my life forever... because he was right. It was up to me to change, I had to take responsibility. 


And it became a quest for me to find out everything I could about money mindset, the energy of money, and money management. 


I read every book I could find, listened to every podcast I could, searched for every mentor I could to learn from, and signed up for every training I could attend. For the very first time, I took responsibility for the creation of my life, invested in myself and our future. 


So I began, first to transform our own business and life and then I started sharing what I learnt with others, and found that it was helping them also! I took control of the creation of our financial reality and began to create an abundant life for myself and my husband as farmers, then as a coach helping others to do the same. I felt a spark in me that I had never felt before and the ripple effect that it was having in other areas of life beyond just financial was phenomenal. 

As my friends and family started seeing the difference in me and our life, the changes we implemented and the deeper relationship we had built with money (that was not longer based on fear and lack)….. they started asking me how I did it. That's when I knew I had to share this with more people, because if this helped me, then it could help thousands of others…. And thats how Conscious Wealth came about. 

So last week, one of my clients lit up when she shared with me the financial wins her and her husband had in their business, she never thought possible that she could have over $100,000 of unexpected income flow into their business!! To them that was a whole year of living… for people who were skeptical for a start, they were amazed at what they were able to achieve because of the program……. 

I wish I had something like this when I got started. Because instead of spending thousands of hours filtering through pages and pages of books and investing in various courses, I would have the exact step by step plan needed to help me and my clients create transformational change. 

And thats exactly what we will explore on our 30-min strategy session together…


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