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So... you know what you want for your farming business....

  •  Consistent cash flow

  • Ability to thrive in seasonal conditions

  • Increased scale and business growth

  • Feeling supported by money

  • The building of a legacy to pass onto future generations

  • Having access to an infinite amount of farming opportunities

  • Farming with passion 

But what you are currently getting is..... 

  •  Frustration around money

  • Inconsistent cash flows

  • Constantly hitting a financial ceiling no matter what you do

  • Working harder with little result 

  • Growth is restricted by cash flow

  • Increased stress levels around seasonal conditions and constant challenges

  • Limitations to what you can achieve 

  • Farming by bank balance, not by passion 

And  if you're like most farmers, you feel like no matter what you DO, you just don't seem to be creating the farming business that you envision 

OR you aren't reaching the potential you know that you could! 

That's because you just aren't aware of all the pieces you need in the puzzle!

Just DOING isn't enough.... 

You also need the MINDSET to match!

What I've found from working with farmers over the past few years, is that those that have achieved rapid growth and abundance within their farming businesses and farming lives have 3 elements in common - 

  •  They all understand the MONEY, Universal Laws around how things are ATTRACTED to them and they are clear and focussed on what they want to achieve. 

  • They have all matched their money MINDSET with their financial vision and have aligned their thinking and their language to reflect what they desire. 

  • They have all taken consistent ALIGNED ACTION towards their vision.  

The Good News Is...... 


You just need to understand the soul of MONEY and the art of MANIFESTATION!

Which is where the Abundant Farmer Program comes in!

The Abundant Farmer sets the foundations on which YOU become the creator of YOUR farm reality and achieve accelerated GROWTH and ABUNDANCE within your farming business and life!


Money 101


Understanding money at a core level, discovering your current money point of attraction and the 5 elements of money that will change the way you look at money forever!


Money Identities


Each and everyone of us are carrying generational wealth patterns. In this module we delve into the 11 farming money identities that could be at play in your farming business and potentially sabotaging your financial reality.



Money Attraction 

Understanding the 12 Universal Laws or 'rules of the game' when it comes to Money and  Manifestation and how they are influencing your finances when it comes to your farming business. 

As well as getting super clear and setting laser focused intentions to really propel your business forward! 


Belief Mastery 

Reprogramming your subconscious mind and upgrading your beliefs around money so that you can start creating from a place of what you truly desire... rather than allowing out-dated beliefs and programming to play out in your farm finances! 


Language Mastery 

Understanding the role your thoughts and language have in shaping your financial reality as you know it today... and making sure your thoughts & language align with what you want to attract in the future (rather than continuing to attract what you have in the past!) 


Energetic Mastery 

Your personal energetic signal is what is attracting your current farming reality - whether that is struggle, just getting by or an abundance of money in your business... In this module you will discover how your signal is directly reflected in your bank account and how to strengthening this signal. 


Know Your Numbers

This module is all about the key things you need to be doing in your farming business when it comes to looking after your money, so it will want to come and be in abundance in your farming business. 


Create Your Money Habits 

Money loves to looked after, so this module is all about the habits you need to create and install in your life to keep attracting money to your business!


Manifest Your Vision

The exact steps you need to take to bring your desired financial reality to life!

Here's how the Abundant Farmer works - 

The Abundant Farm is a 9 week program (with ongoing support up to 12 months). 


Each week for 9 weeks, you will focus on each of the listed modules. 

These are designed to give you the foundations of money mastery and manifestation. 

Then we'll get together as a group every second TUESDAY (for up to 12 months) for group coaching sessions where you will get the opportunity to ask questions and be coached live on the call. 

You will also have access to a PRIVATE Facebook group, where you can surround yourself with other likeminded farmers, ask questions and share your successes!

If you feel that this resonates with you, I would love to work with you

and your farming business!

The next step is to book in a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Call with me via the link below to see if you are a fit for the program! 

What others are saying about the program.......

In 3 months under Hayley's expert guidance, I have completely changed my relationship with money. I now feel worthy and empowered to receive more money. I am much clearer on my goals and now have a savings plan. I feel much more in control of my finances. 

In the past I have had misguided beliefs about money the have always held me back. Hayley has taught me that the simple act of becoming aware of my beliefs around money can change my money mindset completely. 

Since completely Hayley's course, money comes to me when its needed. Recently I received a massive bonus with our wool cheque, totally unexpected. I now know anyone can make money with the right mindset & expert guidance. 

I thoroughly recommend Hayley's course without hesitation. Her passion, enthusiasm is genuine and her encouragement is priceless. 

- Marion NSW 

We are so happy with what we have achieved through doing Hayley's course. We have addressed old beliefs and habits about money and have enjoyed the process in doing so. 

Our biggest AH-HA moments came from realising our beliefs from growing up were shaping our current beliefs around money, as well as being able to recognise negative language of others around money, rain and life in general and being open to gifts and giving! 

We have noticed how much more positive we are, how our kids have started to speak in regards to money and feeling comfortable about 'support money'. 

We would definitely recommend the Abundant Farmer program to farmers or anyone who wants to improve their beliefs around money, learn how to feel comfortable about money and learn how to manifest anything into your life. 

Farmers are a classic example of people who need to address their language, beliefs and acceptance of abundance and gratitude. This is no doubt our biggest learning. 

- Kate & Ben QLD 

This program blew my expectation of what I thought this was actually about. It is a lot more than money alone.. 

I am now more consciously aware of positive thoughts and being ok with the negative ones also, but having the awareness to acknowledge the negative and turn it into a positive. 

This has changed my life like you could never imagine!

- Jack VIC

The Abundant Farmer Program has reinforced a positive attitude and helped with money mindset. I now carry a $100 note in my purse, think like a rich person and welcome debt. 


I recommend this program especially to people who have negative thoughts about money.

- Jo SA 

The program was great and it really helped me to understand my money mindset. 

You taught us techniques/strategies to change and improve our thinking and emotions around money and I am definitely moving in the right direction now and am continuing to work on constantly improving my money mindset. 

I have achieved small wins along the way through the program and know that this will continue and build with my continued mindset growth. 

I would definitely recommend the program!

-Alicia SA

I signed up because I was home with the kids for COVID-19 and wanted to do something for myself. You know how one door closes and another one opens? Well I must have been in the right place at the right time, asking the right questions because I've had a wonderful journey the past three months working on myself and my beliefs. I have found many doors to open and a wonderful path has opened up in front of me as a result of saying yes to this program.  


My biggest learnings from this program were - that my thoughts are the reason we are (or aren't) in the desirable place in our lives, how little effort I need to put in to manifest the result in my life I desire, and thinking about the things I do not want actually attracts those things to me. 

I have manifested little things from a bottle of wine and the perfect pony for my daughter through to bringing in over $250,000 into our business through government payments & product sales, as well as an increase in revenue due to higher lamb & wool prices than expected.

You really get out of it what you're willing to put in. I've had ups and downs during the program, some days were hard to show up but I'm glad I did because I'm really excited about all the things my husband and I can co-create now we have all this new knowledge.  

If I can create the things listed above in just 3 months.... Just image what can happen in 3 years! 

This was the best $$ I've ever spent! If you don't believe that you can manifest way more than this after doing the course then something is wrong!

-Rachel VIC

Who is Hayley Grosser?

Hayley is a Financial Coach, Farmer and Mum of three amazing boys, who understands the financial rollercoaster that is farming.

She and her husband have taken their farming business from lack of scale, constantly hitting a financial ceiling and lack of growth to a thriving, growing business in just 3 years!




By changing their relationship with money, upgrading their financial blueprint and understanding the untapped potential that is manifestation. 


This has allowed them to go from constantly feeling like money has control of them, to them being in control of money! 

Hayley now mentors other farmers do the same through her 'Abundant Farmer' Program and 1:1 mentoring, where she shows them that it is absolutely possible to heal their relationship with money and financially transform their business, regardless of size or scale! 

Hayley is massive advocate for the power of the mind and believes mindset is the most under utilised asset in farming businesses..... the missing link that could potentially sky-rocket their results!