It’s time to debunk some MYTHS around money!


We know that money is a medium of exchange, and we know money only has the meaning that we assign to it. But the thing about money that most people disregard is that MONEY IS IMPORTANT! 


So, I want to ask you the question.......

On a scale of one to ten, how important is money to your farming business? 


What I find with most clients is that their importance around money in their farming business is somewhere between an eight to ten. We all need money to run our farming business. But when I ask them how much focus or how much energy they give money in their business, they say it's more like a five to a six. 


So, on one hand, they say they need money, and that money's important to their farming business, but they don't prioritise that importance.


Do you see the gap?


There are so many ways in which people compare money to things that we need in life. People say, “money is not important as health”. 


I'm absolutely not denying that. But if we don't have the money to support our health, to buy good food, to give ourselves the health care that we need, to look after our family’s health, to be really proactive, then our health is also going to suffer. 


And I've heard a lot of people say, “money isn’t as important as family”. And family is absolutely important. But without money, how are we going to feed our family? How are we going to give them the things that we want in life? 


In the farming sense, if we don't have money in our business, we can't put in the crops, we can't buy machinery, we can't buy land to farm. 


So, until you start putting an importance on money and wanting to grow your money base in your farming business, you're not going to attract any more money than what you're receiving now. 


Compare it to your relationship with your husband, wife, or partner - if you don't think they are important in your life, are they going to stick around? Are they going to want to be around you?


If you want them to be there, then you're going to put in some time and effort into getting to know them, knowing what they like, knowing what they dislike, making them happy or helping them be happy.


Money is no different! If we don't place importance on it, if we don't want to get to know it, if we don't understand how it comes in and out, if we don't know what money needs, or how it’s attracted to our farming business, how can we expect to attract more? 

If you're not placing emphasis on money, then money is not going to flow into your business. 


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